Our Services


At present the world apparel market is very compititve but the world knows that Bangladesh is a leading fartile land of apparel products. So, in keeping with our cheaper laboer cost, current yarn/fabric/trims cost we do offer our best & workable price.


After receiving the order confirmation or L.C. we let our valued customers know the dead line for shipment & accordingly we consist our production team of skilled technical and faster peoples.


We have a skilled merchandising team for best costing , production follow up, strong sourcing, sampling feed back to Buyers instantly.

Technical & Quality support

To meet the desired styling, to keep the measurement within tolerance & to make the production faster our experienced technical and quality peoples are always stand by to resolve for smooth running.

Stock lot dealing

It is our separated division just for interested stock lot Buyers who buy our stock lot products round the year. If there any branded goods are cancelled or found quality goods from other sourcing then we buy and stock them in our house for 100% quality checking prior to offer our stock lot Buyers in very cheapest cost.